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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

Current Infrastructure Projects

Annual Operating and Capital Projects

Capital Projects are major projects that are set each financial year to renew, upgrade or install new infrastructure throughout the Council area.

Capital Projects for the year area are outlined in council's Annual Business Plan and Budget document.

To view a full description of Capital and Operating projects please click on the Annual Business Plan and Budget 2019/20 below to see what Council is spending this financial year. 

Annual Business Plan and Budget 2019-2020

Current Engineering Projects

Grange Lakes Corridor Shared Use Path

1 August 2019
The Grange Lakes Corridor Shared Use Path project involves the construction of a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists between the lake in West Lakes and the River Torrens outfall channel.

2019/20 Box Culvert Replacement

16 July 2019
Council has an ongoing program of replacing assets, including stormwater assets as they reach the end of their useful life, or the capacity needs to be increased.

2019/20 Path Renewal Program

16 July 2019
The Council has asset management plans for its assets so that it can plan for their replacement. This allows budget provision each year so that the assets can be replaced at the end of their serviceable life and before they fail. The asset management plan for paths has identified the paths in the list below for replacement.

2019/20 Road Rehabilitation Program

16 July 2019
Council has an asset plan for each asset type (e.g. roads, paths, lighting, buildings) and the Asset Management Plan for Roads has identified that certain roads are no longer suitable for safe use, or are not constructed in a way that meets their current use.

2019/20 New Path Program

15 July 2019
The Council receives requests for new paths each year and these are recorded for consideration by the Council when annual budgets are set. Council has allocated $350K for the construction of new paths.

2019/20 Bus Stop Renewal Program

15 July 2019
Although the Council does not operate bus services, it is responsible for the bus stop areas. The bus stop renewal includes features that make them complaint with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) which means that they are suitable for people with most disabilities to use. Legislation requires that all bus stops be complaint with the DDA by 2022. A shelter is not a DDA requirement of a bus stop.
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