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Citizen of the Year - Australia Day Awards

Embrace your community and nominate someone who you believe makes the City of Charles Sturt a better place to live, either through  an ongoing contribution or an outstanding effort during 2017

The inspiring person who you feel makes a difference may be well known or a quiet achiever. Nominations close on Friday, 24 November.


Citizen of the Year Award - To be eligible, the person must be an Australian Citizen.

Young Citizen of the Year Award - To be eligible, the person must be an Australian Citizen under 30 years of age on January 26, 2018.

Community Event of the Year Award - This is presented to the person/group who has staged the most outstanding community event during the past year.

To nominate someone for one of the above awards please complete the form below:

Australia Day - Citizen of the Year Award

Last Years Winners

The Australia Day Awards and Citizenship Ceremony was held on Thursday 26 January 2017 at the Woodville Town Hall.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Australia Day Awards for the City of Charles Sturt:

Tracey Davis2017 Citizen of the Year: Tracey Davis

Tracey Davis is an artist, illustrator, theatre performer, community leader and long-time Kilkenny resident.  During the past year she has demonstrated outstanding community leadership, through coordinating and supporting a considerable range of community projects and events in Croydon, West Croydon, Kilkenny, Woodville Park and Woodville.

Tracey has been responsible for leading the following projects:

  • Kilkenny Gorilla Art group - for at least 3 years Tracey has been leading a group of residents in the Kilkenny area who have undertaken extensive stobie pole painting, improved landscaping of Wilpena Terrace and planted an amazing new garden at Kilkenny Railway Station.
  • Mind the Gap: Station Promotions – this has been a very successful place making project developed by Tracey and her partner Eugene and implemented as of early April 2016, where local businesses and events were promoted at Croydon, Kilkenny and Woodville Railway Stations.  This included implementing community blackboards on station shelters and holding a series of events at the station.
  • The Croydon Patch – Tracey has co-lead the decorating of Croydon Railway Station, bringing in local artists and residents to paint in a gallery located in the station underpass as well as leading the decoration of the station’s platform with crochet flowers and painting of the light poles.
  • Woodville on Track – Tracey has coordinated stobie pole painting in Woodville and Woodville Park areas, sharing advice and knowledge from her experiences with painting in Kilkenny.
  • Kilkenny History Project – in April and May 2016, Tracey coordinated and promoted two highly successful, well attended history talks at Diamond Club House Woodville Park and West Croydon and Kilkenny RSL where local amateur historian Gino Chinca presented photos and stories about Kilkenny’s past.
  • Wilpena Terrace, Walking Through Time in Kilkenny – in May 2015 Tracey helped coordinate a history walk event for the South Australian History Festival, which showcased stobie pole art on Wilpena Terrace Kilkenny, much of which highlighted historical points of interest in the street.  There were a total of 3 walks which were well attended by people from across Adelaide.

Tracey has been responsible for setting up and updating Facebook groups for all of the above projects, as well as organising many events to ensure the continuation of these projects. She continues to enthusiastically post information about local community events. She has an excellent ability to network and support local residents with to improve their neighbourhoods. 

Tracey has also lent her support to the following successful community projects or events: Rosetta St Greening, Belmore Terrace Project, Croydon to Kilkenny Water Balloon Fight, Kilkenny Community Market and the West Croydon Fruit and Vege Swap,

Arman Abrahimzadeh2017 Young Citizen of the Year: Arman Abrahimzadeh

In 2013, after the criminal trial and sentencing of the terrible murder of his mother, Arman was nominated to become a White Ribbon Ambassador.  Since then, he has been passionately advocating for better policies, procedures, and legislation to protect women and their children against domestic violence.

During the past few years he has been involved in a range of events and forums, which discuss men's behaviour, violence in the home and workplace, and abusive and unhealthy relationships. He is a regular speaker at SA Police seminars and SA Police domestic violence cadet training and attends regular workshops and forums at schools, universities, sporting and service clubs.

In 2014, after the coroner’s report on his mother’s death was handed to the South Australian Premier, Arman was heavily involved in a variety of events and initiatives to assist the state government departments achieve White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation.  Arman is a strong believer of the primary prevention campaign and in his many media appearances has described domestic violence as a disease that has infected our communities.  He believes, just like an illness, domestic violence can be prevented and has shifted this responsibility not only on men (as majority of perpetrators) but the community as a whole and also the corporate sector.

Arman is a co-founder of the Zahra Foundation Australia, whose core objective is to educate women, empower them and through that break the cycle of violence.  He is a member of the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast Committee, an ambassador for Our Watch Australia, a board member for KWY Aboriginal Corporation, a board member for Educating to End Violence Inc and a member of the Charles Sturt Grange Rotary Club.

2017 Community Event of the Year: West Beach Parkrun

The West Beach Parkrun has been serving the community of the City of Charles Sturt and surrounding areas since the beginning of June 2016.  In that time, it has provided a weekly social event focused on healthy lifestyle choices in a fun and inclusive setting.

West Beach parkrun is wholly supported by volunteers and is free for all participants.  Since inception over 750 individual runners / walkers have participated.  Together they have run more than 9,600 kilometres!

The strength of the event is its focus on lowering the barriers to participation, being inclusive and encouraging.  Anyone from the age of four can participate, parents with children in prams and walkers or runners with dogs are welcome.

In 2016, West Beach parkrun facilitated 29 events, hosted over 2,600 participants and given the opportunity for volunteering to over 240 individuals.

The event is held EVERY Saturday morning and will only ever be cancelled if there is a safety concern.  So, the volunteers put this event on in all manner of weather conditions for the community of The City of Charles Sturt.

This event also provides economic benefits to the local businesses with parkrun participants visiting local cafes for coffee and breakfast after the run as well as local shops.  Many visitors from interstate and overseas have come to the City of Charles Sturt specifically to run the parkrun course.

West Beach parkrun has made significant contributions to the lives of those members of the community who wish to improve their fitness, wish to lose weight, or those looking to form part of a social community group.

It provides a place of belonging and a reason to get out of bed on a Saturday morning and a great way to start the weekend!

2017 West Beach Parkrun

Below is our post from Facebook which includes more photos:


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