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Residential DevelopmentA Heritage Incentive Scheme has been introduced to assist owners of identified local heritage places to conserve and retain their properties.

Heritage Conservation Program

The City of Charles Sturt contains many buildings and structures of heritage value. These places provide important connections to our historic and cultural identity, and contribute to the character of our neighbourhoods.

A Heritage Conservation Program has been introduced by Council to assist and encourage owners of Local Heritage Places and Contributory Items to conserve and retain these places of local significance. The scheme recognises that there is a community interest in the retention and conservation of privately owned heritage places and contributory items and provides support and financial assistance to enable this.

The Program also recognises the important role regulated and significant trees (as defined by the Development Act 1993) play in contributing to the character of the City, and provides financial assistance to assist in their ongoing maintenance.

The City of Charles Sturt Heritage Conservation Program offers the following:

  • Heritage Advisory Service.
  • Heritage Conservation Grants program for the maintenance of contributory items and local heritage places and for the maintenance of regulated and significant trees.
  • Planning Assessment lodgement fee concessions.

To respond to our community’s ongoing focus on trees, we are providing financial assistance to property owners of significant trees for the purpose of assisting with the maintenance and pruning of these trees. By amending our Heritage Conservation Grants Scheme, we can now provide up to a maximum of $500 or 50% of the total cost of the maintenance works subject to approval. The Grants Scheme does not fund retrospective work, so prior to commencing it is recommended owners contact Council’s Heritage Conservations Grants Scheme Coordinator Jim Gronthos on 8408 1265.

Applications for Conservation Grants are now invited.

Heritage Conservation Program Guidelines (163 kb)

To apply please complete a Heritage Conservation Grants application form:

Heritage Conservation Grant Application (151 kb)

Owners of Local Heritage Places or places deemed to be a Contributory Place, who are planning to undertake work to their properties, such as additions, re-roofing, painting, new buildings, and restoration, are encouraged to obtain free architectural advice through the Heritage Advisory Service. This service can be accessed as required by phoning Council on 8408 1111.

Further information

For further information please refer to the Heritage Conservation Program Guidelines or contact Council on 8408 1111 or email

D20. Protecting Our Built Heritage (137 kb) is a fact sheet about local heritage listing in the City of Charles Sturt.  It provides information on what local heritage listing is, how places are listed and what it means to you as a property owner.

There are many excellent guides and technical notes that advise how the best way to conserve and restore old buildings available on the internet. Two good sources are:

Heritage Branch, Department for Environment and Heritage
Heritage Victoria

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