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Benches Collective

Benches CollectiveFriday 13 & Saturday 14 October 2017

11am – 1pm


Transform a bench
from an ordinary
seat into something

Simply fill in the online form below to take part in the Benches Collective.

You could create a:

  • Storytime bench - grab some books from the local library and read to each other
  • Foodie bench – bring a plate to share with others
  • Clothes swap bench – give your clothes a new home and perhaps take some new ones home
  • Board game bench – dust off the old board games or teach someone a new one
  • Share a joke bench – knock, knock!
  • Share a skill bench – take home a new talent
  • Chit chat bench – start a conversation with someone new
  • Art bench – bring out your creative side and show others
  • Crafternoon bench – pom poms, yarn bombing, knitting, crochet
  • Jam bench sessions – turn up the music and dance it out

For more ideas visit

Invite your neighbours

The more, the merrier! Invite all your neighbours, some friends and family to your open bench.

Go bench hopping!

Visit a couple of benches and get to know your neighbours.

Check out the full list of bench activities here 

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