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Ask Charlotte

Ask Charlotte is Charles Sturt’s new automated chatbot service. Charlotte conveniently provides quick answers to common questions about waste collection and verge mowing, right from Facebook Messenger. To get started, visit and click Send Message.

Charlotte is an artificial intelligence bot, so she will continually learn through her interactions. Charlotte is still in beta (a testing period), so you may occasionally find bugs or receive strange responses. We'll be keeping an eye on the interactions for any issues and will address them as they come up.

At the moment, Charlotte can only answer queries around waste collection and verge mowing, but we hope to expand her capabilities in the future. We will soon be introducing the ability to sign up to receive Messenger alerts on topics like emergency communications, Major Project updates and more.

If you’d like to send us any feedback or comments about your interactions with Charlotte, drop us a line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I ask Charlotte?
Charlotte can answer common questions on waste collection and verge mowing. Try asking questions like “what day are my bins collected?”, “when will my verge be mowed?” or "my bin didn't get picked up”.

Why didn't Charlotte answer my query properly?
As with any technology, there's always the potential for bugs or other issues. Charlotte is still in the testing phase, so some responses may not be quite right, or she may get stuck in a loop. If you have any problems, reset Charlotte by typing 'Restart' at any time.

Why did you create Charlotte?
The most common queries we receive through Facebook are around waste collection and verge mowing. Whilst this information has long been available on our website, we wanted to streamline the user experience and provide answers in a fast and accessible format.

Does a real person monitor the interactions?
Yes, but not necessarily as they're happening. If you need help from a real person, jump over to the City of Charles Sturt's Facebook page.

Will I be able to ask Charlotte more things in the future?
We hope so! This is the first version of Charlotte we’ve released, but we aim to expand the functionality and eventually make it available on our main Facebook page.

Why did you name the Chatbot Charlotte?
We wanted to give our Chatbot a name with a connection to the City of Charles Sturt. On 20 September 1834 Captain Charles Sturt married Charlotte Christiana Greene, daughter of an old family friend and soon afterward sailed for Australia. Charles and Charlotte settled in Grange in 1839 where they lived with their three children before returning to England in 1853.

I have another question about Charlotte 
Click here to send us an email and we'll be happy to answer your questions about Charlotte.


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